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  • PTZx

  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • MASP : PTZx
  • Nhà sản xuất : PREVISION
  • The PTZxTM Tank Inspection Camera is a compact, portable inspection system loaded with features to inspect tanks, vessels, drums, piping and other large confine spaces. State-of-the-art white LED lighting provides over 1,200 lumens of light, along with optional auxiliary lights (up to 5,700 lumens) illuminates the darkest of environments. Coupled with a low-lux, high resolution CCD imager, zoom optics, continuous pan rotation and 2700 tilt, this sub-4” camera provides excellent quality images with which well-informed decisions can be made. Applications Storage tank & vessel inspection (above & under ground) Nuclear reactor pressure vessels & fuel pool inspections Refractory-lined vessels, drums, towers, stacks Underground vaults, manholes, shafts

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  • Super-bright white LED lighting (1,700 lumens)
  • Removable, high-beam auxiliary lights (5,700 lumens)
  • High-resolution, low-lux, colour CCD imager
  • Flexi-base for straight or right-angle cable connection
  • Lightweight cable-drum with integral controller
  • Pressurize-able and purge-able
  • Intuitive joystick control with on-screen graphics


  • Continuous 3600 pan rotation with no limits
  • 2700 total tilt rotation
  • Resettable pan/tilt “Home” position
  • Seamless optical/digital zoom transition
  • Automatic/Manual focus
  • Adjustable image brightness
  • Variety of image effects





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